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Real Estate

Real Estate

Gülaç Law Firm provides legal consultancy and litigation services to its clients with its specialized lawyers in all areas of the Real Estate Law, including Law of Property Ownership. This includes, but not limited to, the establishment of construction servitude and the Ownership of Property, the resolution of disputes related to the management of the main immovable, the registration of independent sections specific for common use, the participation in the General Assembly meetings of the Board of Property Owners, the cancellation of the General Assembly Decisions of the Board of Property Owners, the preparation of Management Plans for the settlement of disputes, the management of apartment buildings and site management, the preparation of Construction Agreements in Return for Land Share and Preliminary Sales Contracts for immovables; Filings of Rent Adaptation and Rent Determination and Rental debts. Our legal review on real estate also allows our clients to precisely determine the status of the real estate that is to be taken over or transferred and take precautions against the risks that they may face in either case.

Apart from those mentioned above, we provide counseling and advocacy services to the apartment owners and the contractors in the processes to be carried out in the framework of urban transformation.

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Atatürk Cad. No: 174/1 Ekim Apt. K: 3 D: 5-6Alsancak İZMİR


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