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Gülaç Law Firm provides all the necessary legal services regarding the settlement of legal disputes through litigation from the filing of the suit until the finalization and appeal processes such as the issuance of the necessary petitions, realization of applications and assistance in trials.

Receivables of workers arising from Labour and Social Security Law, reemployment claims, worker’s compensation claims arising from occupational accidents, claims of recourse of the Social Security Institution, claims as to the determination of period of employment, all kinds of claims of debts and recievables and claims regards to real estates, cancellation of administrative fines and decisions, claims of compensation against administrative authorities, material and monetary indemnities, claims of divorce amd return of jewellery, claims arising from Consumer Law and files of recognition and enforcement are some of our areas of expertise in litigation.

In addition, legal support is provided to all clients in all kinds of disputes that may be carried out by the prosecution, penal courts and security forces, depending on the sectors in which the client companies operate, in all fields where the activities of clients and criminal legislation might intersect.


Atatürk Cad. No: 174/1 Ekim Apt. K: 3 D: 5-6Alsancak İZMİR


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