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Legal Risk Analysis

Legal Risk Analysis

Gülaç Law Firm carries out a thourough due diligence service for its clients of joint stock, limited and unlimited liability companies; mutual associations and ordinary partnerships and the natural and legal persons who wish to investigate through target companies or real estates by transactions of M&As, share of transfers or through similar ways, for the determination of the legal risks and benefits of the target company, partnership or the real estate before the client realizes such transaction, documenting out the assets, debts and restrictions of the target.

When carrying out the due diligence assesment on the client company or the target companies, all the documents in the physical or virtual data room in which the information and documents about the company are collected are examined from every direction. Then the legal status of the company is determined in light of the collected information and a detailed report is prepared and presented to the client.

Since the subject of our review includes all contracts, information of the personnel, commercial books and documents, trademarks, permits, licenses of the company; lawsuits to which the company is a party, its tendencies and the institutional structure; it is assured that our clients take the most ideal commercial decisions knowing the possible legal disputes and the risks of the transaction upon the completion of the due diligence, after the deficiencies in the structure are detected and possible legal disputes are prevented. It is possible to make healthier business decisions by predicting the risks in the investment foreseen to be made, thus avoiding possible financial losses.

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