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Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate and Commercial Law

Gülaç Law Firm provides legal assistance to trade companies and partnerships on every aspect of their commercial operations within Turkish Commercial Code and Capital Markets Code. Primarily, Gülaç Law renders legal services on

  • Ordinary and unordinary general assembly meetings
  • Complex board of directors’ decisions
  • Drafting and amending articles of association, including but not limited to capital increase and decrease
  • Mergers, demergers and acquisitions
  • Change of company type
  • Company establishment
  • Share transfers

Gülaç Law Firm informs its clients in advance of the ordinary general meetings to be held of anonymous, limited, collective companies and cooperatives following the statutory periods required by law and ensures that all shareholders receive the common benefit from the necessary board decisions, preventing possible disputes.

Also in the processes of the meetings of the general assembly and the board of directors, Gülaç gives all kinds of support for the proper execution of all these transactions by considering the specific orders, targets and principles of the companies at every stage, providing services including but not limited to; preparation of draft resolutions of the board of directors, attendance to the meetings, registration of the transactions and making the necessary applications to the relevant Trade Registry Office for the declaration.

Our law firm is ready to follow and conclude the whole processes, to foresee the most efficient way of law to be implemented, to provide all the options to the client with their causes and effects and to provide all necessary legal support during the stages of both decision making and the implementation of the selected path in all large-scale projects such as purchases of any domestic and/or foreign public and non-public commercial companies. It is our experience to take the necessary permits and licenses, to follow up and evaluate these processes, and to resolve any legal problems or conflicts that may arise at every stage of the process.

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Atatürk Cad. No: 174/1 Ekim Apt. K: 3 D: 5-6Alsancak İZMİR


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